About those bras from the last post…

So, in my previous post I showed you all some pictures of bras that I had been wearing that do not fit. Just to refresh everyone’s memory:

Why is that first pic so different? I suck at photography!

Why is that first pic so different? I suck at photography!

I can hear some of you saying “those don’t look too bad at all!” I get it, I used to think that too. Wait a minute and hear me out, here. I’m going to explain what I mean bra by bra, from left to right, worst to…less bad.

That first one, the blue? That is a 38D from I don’t even know where, and it’s not doing shit for my boobs. No lift, no shaping, no support; it’s basically just covering them up. Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture from a different angle:
Okay, that is my boob just chilling there, in almost exactly the same position it would be in if I were wearing no bra at all. I guess it has a little bit of fabric to rest on at the bottom, and the bra is protecting my nipples from the world, but that’s about it. The only thing going for that bra is that when I’m wearing it my boobs bounce slightly less when I walk. Yay. What should be happening here, which isn’t, is that my breast should be completely filling the cup. There shouldn’t be anywhere near this level of empty space or gaping inside of the cup.

Also, I want to talk about the gore here. If that’s a new term for you, allow me to explain. The center gore is the area of fabric between the cups on the bra, in the front center. In a proper fitting bra the center gore should tack. That means that it should be flush with the wearer’s body. Between the breasts. On the sternum. Not sitting on top of any breast tissue. This blue bra barely has a respectable gore at all. Just a thin, fairly flimsy piece of fabric. And it is definitely not tacking.
The green box on that picture is roughly where the gore should be sitting. And that red line? That’s my next point, which is this: A bra should be supportive. To be supportive, it should be lifting your breasts. And to lift your breasts properly, the underwires should be sitting along the root of the breast (the place, on me at least, where my boob folds over itself. Basically where your breast actually attaches to your body.) That red line is approximately* where my breast root is. You can see that the underwire of this bra is sitting pretty far below where it should be.

Now, if I lift the cups up to about the right height (they don’t want to stay there, though) and I press the gore to my sternum in roughly the proper place, like so…
you can see that the D cups are actually pretty close to the right size for me. My breasts fill the cup without spilling out of it. But the 38 band is way, way too big.
Again, for the band to be supportive (and it should be providing 80% of the support, at least) it needs to be tight. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit 2 fingers under the band. I could probably fit another person in this bra with me. Its ridiculous huge. And because there is so much give in the band the cups are free to fall down to a place where they are ineffective, which in turn causes the band to ride up on the back. Keep that in mind; if your band is riding up, your band is TOO BIG!  And because of the way bra sizing works (see this post from the Butterfly Collection blog on sister sizing), if you need to go down in the band size, you need to go up in the cup size.

Wow, I haven’t even started talking about the other 2 bras yet, I’ve briefly mentioned a few things that deserve full posts of their own, its 2am, and I’m already at nearly 600 words. I think I’ll split the whole “why these bras don’t fit” thing into 2 posts. So, that’s it for me today. Next time I’ll talk about the specific fit problems of the other 2 bras in the top picture.

*I am terrible at drawing with a mouse. You’re going to see a lot of terrible drawing on here.


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