Part 2 of About Those Bras From the Last Post

Ok, so we still have 2 more badly fitting bras to discuss. First up, this one:



This one is a 36B Vassarette Womens Extreme Plunge Push-Up Underwire braFrom the front this isn’t too bad-looking. Boobs look a more lifted and more rounded. Plus, since this is a push-up bra that is designed to be worn with low-cut tops, I’m inclined to give more leeway to the low gore. But, when seen from an angle…
It’s a bit difficult to see from this picture, but I am overflowing the tops of the cups. The dreaded quadboob. Let’s look at that from above:
Look at all the quadboob!

Look at all the quadboob!

So right off the bat the cups are too small. Which is obvious to me now, but a few months ago I would have told you that this is how a push up should look. It’s not. You can also see from the above pic that the gore is nowhere near where it should be, which is actually (I’m pretty sure) how the bra was designed. Good idea, impossible execution. And the above pictures were taken before I scooped and swooped all of my breast tissue into the proper place. This is after scooping and swooping:
Seriously, that's awful.

Seriously, that’s awful.


Not attractive. I actually had to tuck my nipples back into the cups before I got a picture, because they were just straight hanging out. Definitely not how a bra should fit. And like the bra from yesterday’s post, the band is too loose. I don’t seem to have a picture of that, but take my word for it. Onto the third bra!



This is a 34C Kathy Ireland Intimates convertible bra (which I can’t actually find online anywhere right now…) This is actually a pretty decent bra. It’s well-constructed and the materials are comfortable and sturdy. But it doesn’t fit me. Again, looking at it from the front, even I think “hey, nice boobs!” But from the side?
Yeah, no. I’m spilling out of the top of the cup and the wire is resting on breast tissue on the side. Plus, even though this is closer to the correct band size for me (my ribcage measures about 33 inches), the gore is not tacking.

The red dot is where the gore should be.

The red dot is where the gore should be.

This means 2 things: First, the cup is too small. My breasts should be sitting comfortably on each side of the gore, but because they don’t have room in the cups they are pushing the gore outward. Second, the band is too big. This isn’t true for every bra that has a non-tacking gore, but it’s a problem for me with this one. If the band was snug enough for the gore to tack the spillover from the cups would be either a quadboob above the fabric, or it would spill under my arms. Here the band is loose enough for my boobs to spill forward instead. So with this bra, both the band and the cup are incorrect. A good way to tell if a floating gore is caused by a too-small cup is to press the gore against your sternum. If you overflow the cups when you do so, the cup is too small. See?
Plus, just like the last bra, this whole thing gets worse when I scoop and swoop:
You do not want to see what that looks like from above.

You do not want to see what that looks like from above.

Cups are definitely, unequivocally too small. Only by about one cup size is my guess, so closer than the last bra, but still too small. And the band is a wee bit too large. I can fit maybe 3 fingers underneath it instead of 2. It’s a workable band, but I prefer my bands on the tight side, especially with a bra that I mean to wear without the straps. Just based on this bra, I would recommend to myself to go down to a 32 band and up to a DDD/E cup. Which, incidentally, is the size that I usually wear.

So what does a good fit look like? That’s the next post!


2 thoughts on “Part 2 of About Those Bras From the Last Post

  1. I’d say the last bra is at least 2 cup sizes too small… This is what my old bras look like on me now. I simply cannot believe I wore them and thought they were ok.

    • Based on the size I wear now you’re probably right! And I don’t even want to think about the 6 months or so when I justgave up and wore $6 wire-free KMart brand bras in a 36B 🙂

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