What The Right Fit Looks Like (and a review of the Cleo Lucy)

32E Cleo Lucy

32E Cleo Lucy

How cute is this bra?? I’m going to wax poetic about how much I love this bra in a few minutes, but first I want to go over the fit.

First of all, this is what a properly tacking gore looks like: wpid-IMG_20130921_070413.jpg See? Centered between the breasts and fully touching the sternum. That’s what we want. This means that the band is snug and offering the right amount of support. It also means that the cups are not obviously too small, because sometimes breasts that are not contained in the cup can push the gore away from the body. You can also see that my breasts are filling out the fabric of the cup without quadboobing out over the top. I know that isn’t super obvious from the front, so let’s look at the side view and top view:

No quadboob!

No quadboob!

wpid-IMG_20130921_070531.jpg No quadboob, and no spilling from under my armpit. Plus, remember how I talked before about how the underwire itself should be sitting at (or at least near) the crease of the breast? Yeah, this does that. The picture below shows how the underwire of this bra does a pretty good job of following the shape of my breast. wpid-IMG_20130921_071037.jpg Basically, what you want the wire to do is fully encompass the breast tissue (i.e. not sit on top of it) without leaving much empty space. Well, no empty space at all would be swell, but that might be aiming a little high. So this is a good cup fit. And even though I already addressed the band fit when I talked about the gore, I still want to make sure that the band is tight enough for me to fit 2 fingers under. If you can’t fit 2 fingers under a band on the loosest hook, that band is probably too tight. If you can fit more than 2, it’s probably too loose. wpid-20130921_170206.jpg That’s about right. I can pull it out farther than that but it takes some effort.

Okay, now I want to talk about the bra itself. It’s so pretty. The embroidery on the cups, the extra sheerness of the upper panel, the bow on the gore. And, oh yeah, that yellow! Man, I love that yellow.

The Cleo Lucy is a 3-part cup bra. This means that the cup itself is made of 3 pieces of fabric that are sewn together. (This is sometimes referred to as a “cut and sew.”) What the 3-part cup does, as far as I understand, is provide lift and shape without the need for any padding or molded materials. The level of lift and the resulting shape varies by bra (and by boobs), but I think the Lucy does well in this area. My breasts are held slightly up and they are held securely, by which I mean there is much less bounce than one might assume. The shape I get in this bra is fairly rounded (see the side view above), which I prefer over the pointier shape I get in some other bras. I feel that the lifting/shaping combo I get results in a more “natural” shape, as opposed to a dramatic “OMGBOOBS,” which in my opinion makes for a great everyday bra.

The manufacturer’s website refers to the Lucy as a balconette style, but that’s not really a, shall we say, “regulated” term. I’d refer to it as a balcony, myself, but oh well. Essentially, what the balcony/balconette designation means is that the bra is not full coverage. (Plunges are a different story altogether; I’ll get to plunges in a later post.) And I don’t love full coverage bras. I feel that they really limit what shirts I can wear because they don’t allow for lower necklines. So, yay on this being a balconette!

Favorite thing about this bra (besides the color?) Holy hell, is it comfortable! It’s lightweight and because the “lace” is more like a mesh it isn’t itchy at all. My Lucy is the only bra I’ve ever owned that I don’t eventually feel the need to rip off of my body at some point. Even after wearing it all day. I could probably sleep in it. Another thing that I really dig about the design is the fully adjustable straps. The, uh, strap-adjusty-slidey-thingie? You can move it from the band at the back all the way to the top of the cups. So that’s cool.

What’s bad about this bra? Nothing for me, but someone with less shallow breasts than mine might find the cups a bit tight. Also the lace at the top of the cup does appear to taper in a slight bit. This is fine for my full-on-bottom breasts, but someone who’s full on top might run into trouble.

Wondering where you can buy this gorgeous beast? Figleaves has it available in black or white from sizes 28D-38J Freshpair has it in black, white, and purple! Bare Necessities carries purple and navy/pink.



You guys! For Fall/Winter 2013 (so right about now) Panache is releasing the Cleo Lucy in Neon Orange!




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