Wishlist Wednesday: Fauve Bronte Spice

I was thinking that since this blog is all about bras, I should occasionally discuss the bras that I really, really want. Because, well, they’re pretty and I like looking at them. So, welcome to Wishlist Wednesday!

The absolute number one item on my wishlist right now is the Fauve Bronte Spice.

image from Fauve.com

image from Fauve.com

I mean, look at this! The color! The design! The garter belt! I know this is mainly a bra blog, but I like the garter belt, too, okay? It’s all underwear! The description on the website calls this collection “a stunningly glamorous range inspired by oriental lacquerwork. Delicate blossoms are complemented by an exotic palette of vibrant spice and neutral dawn.” I’d say “stunningly glamorous” is apt.

Really, there isn’t any piece in the Bronte Spice collection that I don’t want to own (except the thong; thongs aren’t really my thing.) Pictured above is the padded longline bra (available in sizes* 30D-G and 32-38 B-G, the brief (sizes XS-2XL), and the suspender belt (sizes XS-XL). This is my absolute dream ensemble from this collection, but really, I’d be happy with any of the items. (Why do I love this so much? The color. Duh.) Additional items available are the thong (XS-XL), the short (XS-2XL), the balcony bra (30-36D-GG, 38D-G), and the chemise (XS-XL)

image from Fauve.com

image from Fauve.com

which is also really, really adorable.

Only drawback about this collection? It’s a bit pricey. From what I’ve seen it retails from about $55 for the thong to $130 for the chemise. Not absolutely outrageous (“Hell yes it is!” you say; you haven’t seen what I’ve seen…) but about twice as much as I’m comfortable paying for undies right now. But, yanno, if anyone has a couple hundred dollars lying around and you want to buy me a present 🙂

Oh! I should also mention that Fauve also offers the Bronte in silver and jade, in addition to the spice. Still gorgeous, but if I’m shelling out $120 for a bra, I really want something that stands out. I think the spice does that better.

“Where can I buy this?”
Bare Necessities

“Hey, I’m here for the reviews!”
I’ll review this bra if I ever get it (fingers crossed), but for now, check out some other blogger reviews:
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*sizes listed are UK sizes


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