Something Else Sundays

My life isn’t all bras, all the time. So Sundays will be the day that I talk about other stuff that I like. Because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want!

So you guys know what else I like? Perfume!

I think perfumery is a really interesting combination of science and art. There are a lot of books written about the industry…but I haven’t read any them yet. Fortunately, until I do, there are also websites.

My favorite is Fragrantica. Huge database of perfumes that you can search a ton of different ways. By name, by house, by notes, by category, by nose (that’s fancytalk for designer), by color, by industry…probably more. Plus you can make a profile to keep track of the perfumes you love, hate, or want to try. Tons and tons of user reviews and a forum, too!

Another good perfume site is Basenotes. Essentially the same concept as Fragrantica, but I like the layout of the site a bit less. I spend time on both, though.

Want to know what my favorite perfumes are?
Not really, lady.
Too bad, I’m gonna tell you anyway! I’m in a weird mood today…

That’s Un Ete En Provence from Escada. At least, I think this is one of my favorites. It was a limited edition mini bottle that I got at Epcot Center when I was 16. I remember it smelling AMAZING, but who knows?

Look at that bottle! Just freakin’ look at it! It’s awesome. That one is Thierry Mugler’s Womanity. Smells like figs and seawater. I have to be in the right mood for this one, but its wonderfully unique.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir. Widely regarded as an “old lady” scent, but whatever. I love it. Great for this time of year, actually. Very herbal/spicy/woody smelling. Good stuff.

Those are probably my top three. Some others that are on my “love” list are Chanel Coco (way better than No. 5), Calvin Klein Euphoria (pomegranate and mahogany, yo), Jo Malone Orange Blossom(…does what it says in the name), Cartier Baiser Vole (smells exactly like lilies), and Agent Provocateur Maitresse (powdery flowers and suede.)

Tune in next Sunday to see what other things I can randomly babble about! What fragrances do you love?


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