Review: Wacoal Reveal T-Shirt Bra

34DD Wacoal Reveal T-Shirt Bra in Toast

34DD Wacoal Reveal T-Shirt Bra in Toast

This is the first bra I purchased that’s anywhere near my correct size. Pretty close, huh?

I bought this in a 34DD because, well, it’s what they had at the store. At the time I was looking for a 34DDD because that’s what my measurements said I should be. But I’m a good example of why measurements should be used as a starting point and not be taken as gospel. Because this fit is just fine, at least in the cups. The gore is tacking, I’m filling the cups with very minimal overflow, the wires are comfortable and they’re a good width. The only real problem I have with the fit is the band. It’s too loose.
I think this bra would be a nearly perfect fit for me in a 32DDD. (Why DDD? Again, sister sizing. I’ll write a post on that soon.ETA: I wrote one!) Why “nearly” perfect? It’s a tee-shirt bra, which in addition to meaning “seamless” also usually means “plunge.” And I’ve talked about the way my soft breasts tend to migrate down and out in plunge styles.
See? Again there’s that bit of space at the top of the cup, and there’s a bit of quadboob going on towards the middle and bottom of the cup. This is especially noticeable on my larger breast.
Having a firmer fit in the band might help that a bit, but I’m afraid I’ll always have this problem to some degree in plunges.

Fit issues aside, this is a good bra. Well constructed, fully adjustable straps, nice supportive wings. Plus it’s pretty cute. There’s an adorable gauzy little flower on the center gore. The diamond pattern on the cups makes the bra visually interesting, which is great to find on a beige bra. Plus the pattern is flat enough that everything is still nice and smooth under a shirt.

Where Can I Buy This?
Yet again, I’m reviewing a bra that’s been discontinued, but it is still available for purchase…and the price is discounted!

Wacoal Available in Black or Toast, sizes 32 C-DDD and G, 34-36 C-G, and 38C-DDD

HerRoomhas the Reveal available in Azure, Prism Violet, and Pewter in assorted sizes.

I want a second opinion!
I was unable to find any other blogger reviews, but there are some customer reviews at the links above. Plus, there’s always Bratabase.


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