Wishlist Wednesday: Animals!

The animal print edition! And I don’t mean like “leopard print” or “zebra print.” I’m talking bras with actual pictures of animals on them! I’m a sucker for them. Even animals I don’t even like all that much. There’s just something so whimsical about a bra covered with little fuzzy wuzzy animal friends. Sidenote: I like animals, you guys. Let’s get started!

image from freyalingerie.com

image from freyalingerie.com

Fairly newly released and widely blogged about, the Freya Deco Flamingo. Look at the little birdies, they’re snuggling! Unfortunately, this is a moulded plunge bra so it’s out for me. Which sucks. But maybe it’s not out for you. The bra is available in UK sizes 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, and 38 B-G. The Flamingo collection also includes the brief, short, and thong in XS-XL.

Fussy Busty’s review

image from largecuplingerie.com

image from largecuplingerie.com

More birds! The Tutti Rouge Birds of a Feather is also garnering a lot of attention, though some reviewers have complained of some fit issues. Tutti Rouge is a new company, though, so that is to be expected. Hopefully they’ll really listen to the reviewers and fix the fit issues because I would love to see what they come up with in the future. Birds of a Feather is available in 28 F-HH, 30-34 E-HH, and 36 E-H. This collection also includes a skirted short and thong in S-XL.

Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust review

image from figleaves.com

image from figleaves.com

Yep, more birds. It’s a big thing right now, apparently. Anyway, this one is the Cleo Lily. The Lily is a balcony bra available in 28-38 D-J. I like the parrots. It’s quirky. Plus this bra is a style I can wear from a company that I know works for my boobs. So, bonus!

I can’t find a blogger review, but here’s Bratabase.

I know I titled this post “Animals” and all I’ve shown you is freaking birds. But I had to. If I had called it “Birds” I wouldn’t have been able to talk about my personal Holy Grail animal print bra. Behold!


image from primadonna.eu

Holy shit, it’s CATS!! Prima Donna Twist So Chic Miss Kitten, to be exact. I’m so excited about this! I’m even more excited about when they go on sale, because damn, I am tired of every bra I love the most costing over $100. But this is, like, the Cadillac (or should I say Cat-illac!? Hahahaha! I should write comedy, you guys! …Okay, I’ll stop that…) of bras for me, so I guess I should start saving up. I’ve heard great things about Prima Donna as a brand, and even though I haven’t tried them yet, I can say I love the range of available items in this collection. Decent size range, too.

Underwired bra in 30-44 C-E, 32-42 F, and 32-40 G-H.

Balcony bra (which appears to be cut a bit lower in the cup) in 34-40 C, 30-40 D, 32-38 E-F, and 32-36G.

Padded bra in 32-42 C, 30-42 D-E, 30-40 F, and 30-38 G.

Briefs in S-XXXL.

Full briefs in M-4L

Shorts in XS-XXXL.

G-string in XS-XXL.

Another thing I like about Prima Donna is that I received a personal and very helpful response to an email inquiry. According to Miss Underpinnings, this collection will have limited availability (Boo.) I emailed the company to ask if they could tell me exactly when and where I would be able to purchase the Miss Kitten. I received a response within 48 hours letting me know that shipping will start this week AND asking me what products and size I’m looking for so that they can let me know which retailers have ordered what I’m after. That’s above and beyond, so I’m pretty impressed!

Check back for next week’s Wishlist Wednesday for a post about floral prints!


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