Guess I Better Learn to Sew (Panache Ariza Review)

I got my very first ever matching set!

Panache Ariza in Midnight/Pink. Bra 32E, briefs size 10

Panache Ariza in Midnight/Pink. Bra 32E, briefs size 10

I have so much to say about this! Let’s go!

First, the good stuff: Look at that embroidery!

Plus the gore's tacking.

Plus the gore’s tacking.Yay!

I’m usually not a huge fan of pink but this is a really nice contrast with the blue. Plus, the fabric isn’t scratchy. 

Also, can we talk about the briefs? I’ve never seriously considered the matching bottoms for all these bras I keep talking about. Why? They’re damn pricey.  I never saw the point in paying over $20 for panties when I can go to pretty much any store and get, like, 5 pairs for that price. I wouldn’t have bought this set at all were it not a sample set that I picked up on eBay for crazy-cheap. And I’m glad I did because WOW, are these some comfortable briefs! They easily out-comfy everything else I own. If they’re all like this, I understand the pricing now. These briefs don’t shift or bunch or ride up. They cover my whole butt. And they’re still cute. I could probably stand to go up to a 12 for a better fit, but even being a bit small the elastic isn’t digging in.

So what don’t I like about the set? A couple of things, first of which is that the straps aren’t fully adjustable**. It’s not causing a problem for me but someone with a longer torso or lower breasts might have trouble with this. The other issues I have are, I’m pretty sure, personal fit issues that are in no way a reflection on Panache’s design. I do want to discuss them, though.

First of all, even though the wire is a good width and length for me, there is too much fabric in the cup.

left cup from above

left cup from above

This can mean that I need to size down in the cup, but I’m really thinking that my breasts are too shallow for this specific bra. It’s hard to tell, though, because the fit is further complicated by a too loose band. I’m wearing it fastened on the middle hook for these pictures. I’m pretty sure that moving down to a 30 band would help somewhat with the too-deep issue but I’m not sure it would eliminate it completely. Going by the measurements on Bratabase the 30F still looks a teensy weensy bit too deep and the 30E looks way too shallow.

Another problem (which absolutely could be corrected by a better fit, though possibly not) is the shape that the Ariza gives me.


That’s entirely too pointy for my taste.  Some people don’t mind (or actually prefer) this shape, and that’s fine. But it bugs me. I think it’s because my naked breast shape is more rounded than pointed. Who knows? (I do like that even with the gaping in the cup and the pointy shape, I’m still getting a good amount of lift.) Luckily, there is an alteration that might fix both of the fit problems I’m having here:

Bras I Hate and Love’s How To Make a Pointy Bra Round

Looks simple enough. So I’m going to try it. I’m a bit apprehensive cause the shape of the bottom two parts of the Ariza’s cup are different than the example in BILAH’s post, but we’ll see. I’ll update you guys on the outcome.

So to reiterate…


Good wire width for me
Probably a great bra for someone who’s fuller on top
Bra is available in 30-38 D-K, which isn’t a huge band range, but it’s a good cup range. Briefs are available in XS-3XL.


Pointy shape
Not fully adjustable straps
Not great for full on bottom boobs
Band runs a little loose

Where can I buy this?
Limited sizes and colors available at Bravissimo, Freshpair, and Figleaves.

I want a second opinion!
Invest In Your Chest
Fussy Busty

**Some other reviews describe this bra as having fully adjustable straps. Mine definitely does not. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s a sample, or what. Strange. If anyone has any insights on this, I’m all ears.


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