Yay! I Got Another Lucy! (And A Cold.)

Just a quick post today because the common cold is trying to kill me. This weekend is supposed to be filled with Halloween fun that I’m going to do my best to have a good time at for my children’s sake. If that wipes me out too much, Something Else Sundays might happen on Monday instead.

Anyway, I got a white Lucy from a Bratabase user and I’m pretty happy about it. Let’s squee over it together!

32E Cleo Lucy in white

32E Cleo Lucy in white


Wondering about the fit? Exactly the same as the yellow, which I’ve previously reviewed.

Well, not exactly the same. The white feels just a smidge tighter.  I say feels because I’m getting the exact same measurements on both. I assume that the white just feels a bit more snug because the elastic is just a bit lessed stretched out. Or maybe it’s just matter of each bra being from different manufacturing lots. I’m pointing this out because I’ve read that different colorways of some bras have wildly different sizing. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the Lucy, at least between white and yellow.

Also, in the pic above there is a bit of wrinkling in the top of the cup. That’s not a fit thing; it’s a taking selfies thing.

Anyone else love the Lucy as much as I do? Anyone dislike it? How come? Let’s chatter about it!


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