Wishlist Wednesdays: Morticia Corset


Well, I was going to write a big comprehensive post about exactly why I’m interested in What Katie Did as a whole and the Morticia in particular.

I was going to talk about how it’s different than the corsets I already own and how I think the Morticia would be a much better fit for my body. To that end, I was going to include pictures of my current corsets to show exactly the fit problems I have with them. But I put off taking any pictures until today, which means that since my husband is at work I needed to lace myself up. And, uh, I pulled a muscle pretty good trying to do that. Apparently my arms aren’t that flexible and I need adult supervision at all times.

So you guys will need to wait to see oh so scintillating pictures of my tummy pudge buldging out of a badly-fitted corset; I’m going to sit down with an ice pack. If you want to read the review of WKD’s Morticia that got me interested in the piece (you totally should), check out Bras and Body Image.


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