b’tempt’d Soft Touch Push-Up Review

Please excuse the “selfies in the bathroom” pictures for this review. My bathroom has the second-best lighting in the house. I usually take the pictures in the hallway but both of my kids were asleep by the time I got around to this and I didn’t want to chance waking them. So I balanced my phone on the medicine cabinet shelf, stood on a (closed) training potty, and did my best. Like the pros do. 🙂 Anyway, to the reviewing!


Better than I expected for a molded cup bra from the clearance rack at Marshalls. Surprisingly better.

First off, it fits! The band is about perfect. My ribcage measures a bit over 33 inches, so I usually drop down to a 32 in bras because my ribcage is pleasantly padded (I.e. there’s fat there). Fat is squishable, so women like me who have that extra ribcage padding sometimes find a tighter band gives better support. This, by the way, is why a lot of bra calculators ask for a regular AND a “break the tape” ribcage measurement.


This feels secure and true to size. You can see that I can get 2 fingers under the band, and it’s actually a bit of a challenge to pull any further.

Because this bra is a molded plunge style and I have soft breasts, there are some fit issues with the cup. You can see a slight bit of overflow on my larger breast.


It’s not nearly as bad as most other plunges I’ve tried. I think this is because there is a pretty generously tall gore on this bra. Most of the problem seems to be just an incompatibility between my breasts and the molded shape. Molded cups can be tricky because if your boobs aren’t the exact same shape as the cup, they’re gonna move around. At least, they will if they’re soft like mine. I have a feeling that this bra would be a better fit for someone with firmer breasts and/or someone who is fuller on top. Side note here: I recently took some measurements and it turns out that I’m not a true full-on-bottom like I had assumed. More on that in a future post. Even with the bit of quadboob, this is a comfortable bra. Because of the higher gore I’m not falling out when I lean over and the fabric is nice and soft.

Something else that I want to discuss further in a seperate post is wire width. And like the full-on-bottom thing, it’s something that I need to reexamine in relation to my own boobs. The wire on the Soft Touch Push-Up is a bit narrower than the other bras that I consider a good fit. And it feels more correct. So I did a little experiment.


You can see where the wire sits from the red marks on my skin. (Totally normal, if you were wondering. Think about the red marks that you probably get from socks or pants; it just means that the elastic is holding them up like it’s supposed to.) When I hold my arm up you can also see the curve of my breast. (I’m doing the push test in the picture for emphasis.) If you’re having a hard time seeing it, I traced the lines:

Red is wire mark, blue is boob.

Red is wire mark, blue is boob.

The wire is actually sitting about, oh, a centimeter past my breast. Which might mean I need even narrower wires. I’m also wondering if I could go down a cup size. But look what happens when I let my breast drop to a natural position:


When I do that, the curve disappears and my breast tissue settles back to almost exactly where the wire sits. I…don’t know what that’s about. Could be a normal thing for sagging breasts, could be a body fat thing, could be an issue of migrated breast tissue*. If anyone has any insight on this I’d love to hear it!

Back to the review part! This bra has “push-up” right there in the name, but…eh, not so much. The bottom portion of the cup is slightly more padded, but not enough to really do anything, in my opinion. Can you see the difference?


It’s hard to see. It’s not even measureable, really. I would say that the push-up padding is no more than a couple of millimeters thicker than the rest of the cup. Plus, it’s very, very compressible. I’m thinking that after a few more weeks of wear my boobs are going to squish that extra padding down to the point where it’s indistinguishable from the rest of the cup. So not a great push-up bra. But as a regular tee shirt bra? It’s wonderful. I’ve been reaching for it a lot.

There it is!

There it is!

One last criticism: I really don’t like the colorway or the flower decorations. The little roses at the gore and the straps look like cheap bulk craft supplies, to be honest. And I don’t really like white bras. They show up under every color if the shirt is thin enough.

I also don’t care for the beige accent color. It’s too light to give a good contrast to the white. What it does do is make the bra look dingy. I actually spent a minute trying to wash the stupid lace off the other day because I thought it was a sweat mark. But my opinion on the color is subjective. Some people like white bras. Myself, I think I might try to hunt this down in the beige colorway.

Oops, I lied. One more little thing that irks me. b’tempt’d is a pain in the ass word to type on a smartphone keyboard.

Where can I buy this?
Discontinued again! (Sorry, sorry. I’ll buy a new bra soon.) It’s still available on b’tempt’d’s website, Freshpair, and Bare Necessities.Again, because it’s discontinued, limited colors and sizes are available.

I want a second opinion!

*Tissue migration is yet another topic that I plan to address throughly soon.


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