Wishlist Wednesday: Spacer Bras


Fantasie Rebecca (image from fantasie.com)

What’s a spacer bra? It’s a bra with cups made out of spacer fabric! That didn’t clarify anything, did it? Keep reading!

As far as I understand, spacer bras are basically the technologically advanced, space-age memory foam of the clothing world. The fabric itself is made up of 2 layers that have a cushion of air (and some other stuff, it’s not magic) between them. You can read more about spacer fabric itself here, and about a variety of of bra materials here.

So what do spacer bras do? First and foremost, they provide air flow, which is wonderful if you prefer smooth cups but find them too warm for comfortable wear. They’re also lightweight, which I’m sure helps with the “too warm” thing, too. The second thing that spacer bras are supposed to be good at (and the reason I’m intrigued by them): They conform to the wearer’s shape.


Fayreform Profile Perfect Contour (image from fayreform.com)

See, the thing about smooth cups? They’re all padded to some degree. And that padding is molded into, well, a boob shape.  But not all boobs are shaped the same. Not one of the molded cups I’ve ever worn has exactly fit to my breast shape. Not one! A lot of women have this problem with molded cups. I would venture that molded cups present one of the trickiest fit issues. Even if you know your perfect size, you’ve figured out your root width, you know if your breasts are shallow or projected, and you know if you’re full on top or full on bottom (or evenly full), you can never guarantee that your breasts will match a molded cup’s shape. Spacer fabric is supposed to alleviate that problem. I don’t really understand how it works (or if it even truly does). Something about heat reacting with the fabric. I don’t really know how to Science. I’ve read enough reviews praising this aspect, though, that I really, really want to try one out.

Where can I buy a spacer bra?

There are actually quite a few brands offering spacer bras, but two of the most popular are:

Fantasie Rebecca (pictured at top), which is available at Figleaves (some colors on sale)  Freshpair, and Bravissimo (among other places…and hey! Try an eBay search!) Sizes 30-36 D-GG, 38 D-G, 40 D-F.

Fayreform Profile Perfect Contour (2nd pic) , available at A Sophisticated Pair, Butterfly Collection and Herroom. Sizes 34-40 D, 32-40 DD-E, 32-38 F, 32-36 FF-G.

I’m here for the reviews!

Dezi reviews the Fayreform at A Sophisticated Pair.
Miss Underpinnings review the Rebecca.
Another Rebecca review from Undiegamer.

Have you tried a spacer bra? What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday: Spacer Bras

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  2. I’m not a fan of foam padding a’la the Deco, but I love spacer foam. Very breathable & lightweight. Definitely conforms to your bobs, not vice versa. I have the Elomi Hermione. Lovely but too wide for me, though it fits true to size, if a bit small in the cup. I also have the Fantasie Rebecca, also lovely, & huge in the cup. I hadn’t seen the reviews then to go down a cup size, but that was certainly true for me. The band is true though.

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