I’m Pretty Proud of Myself

A few cool things have happened lately. The first thing is that the blog has broken it’s personal record for page views for the past 3 days, consecutively. Not huge numbers by any means, but still awesome. Generally I try not to pay too much attention to my stats, but record-breaking is always fun. And who knows?  Maybe someday I’ll get enough hits to earn dozens of dollars a year from advertising.  Dozens,  I tell you! You jealous? I think I’ll buy a pony then. Anyway, thanks, everyone!


Virtual kittens for all!!!

The second cool thing is that Lunaire has offered to send me one of their bras to review! I’ve been walking around all dazed and smiley because of it. A lot of bloggers receive products to review, but I never assumed that I would, especially so soon.  My blog is pretty new, and my following (while growing steadily) is nowhere near the following of most of the bloggers that I admire. I offer my sincere appreciation to Lunaire for giving me this opportunity.

Why am I jabbering to you guys about this stuff? I’m feeling celebratory! And I want to share all the happy feelings. So I’m planning to do a giveaway soon! I haven’t worked out any details at all yet! (Everyone just said “Yay!…Wait, nope.” I’m sorry!) But I will get something together, so keep an eye out!


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