Just Peachy Lace Non Padded Balconette Part 1: 34E


This bra is the first bra in ordered in my “correct size” according to several different online calculators, along with two others that fit so badly that I got rid of them. It’s not the best fit, but it’s workable. Plus it was one of two bras I owned at the time that were anywhere close.

I really want to stress that there is nothing wrong with the online calculators that I used. Some of them are linked in the “Resources” section at the top of the page. Reputable online calculators are as accurate as it gets outside of a professional fitting. Sometimes they give the correct size, but sometimes all they can do is provide a good starting point. An online calculator just can’t account for the wide variance of breast type and shape. For me personally, I usually need to move down one size from the given 34 E in both the band and the cup. Pretty sure this is because of soft breast tissue and fat around the ribcage.

Anyway, on to the review!

From the front, my first problem is that I’m not getting as much lift as I’d like, though that could well be because of sizing as opposed to bra design. You can also see some wrinkling on the top part of the cup.

And the lace on the bottom is folding up. I hadn't noticed...

And the lace on the bottom is folding up. I hadn’t noticed…

The above picture shows how just how much empty fabric there is. Sizing down in the cup would probably help some for this specific bra, though I do tend have at least a little wrinkling in most soft cup bras that do fit. I just plain don’t have enough breast tissue to fill them out a lot of the time.

You can also see that I have some breast tissue moving to the armpit. That happens sometimes even in the right size, and that’s usually caused by a too-short underwire or wing. I actually find that the underwire height on this is about perfect for me. So why is that tissue jumping ship? The band isn’t tight enough to hold the wire firmly enough to my body.


On a good band I should be able to fit 2 fingers under; I can put my whole hand in there, and I’m really not pulling as hard as I could.

Like I did on the last review, I’m showing the marks that the wire leaves on my skin. I think it’s a good way to gauge cup fit. The wires fit just fine at the center.

Again, I can't draw a line for shit, but you get the idea.

Again, I can’t draw a line for shit, but you get the idea.

On the side, though? Again lifting my arm and pushing my breast to the side until there’s a crease:


That is way off. Now, just like in my last review, when I let my breast fall to a natural “naked” position my breast tissue relaxes backward to the point where it almost perfectly matches the wire marks.

red=wire, blue=boob. Roughly.

red=wire, blue=boob. Roughly.

This is confounding me a bit. But I’ve been thinking about it. And, well, when I’m wearing a bra my breasts are being lifted and held up in a position that’s a lot closer to the first picture, where the wire is obviously too far out. And for this bra, it’s so far out that I think the best solution would be a smaller cup.

Wondering why I bother reviewing bras that don’t fit me? Because I think it’s just as important to show what a bad fit looks like as it is to show a good fit. A lot me women (me, too!), when they first get into the world of proper bra fitting, have trouble identifying a fit that’s “close but still not there.” Probably because their new “almost right” bras feel so much better than their old “totally wrong” ones.

Fit issues aside, this is a good bra. Seems to be well-constructed and true-to-size. The lace is soft and not at all itchy. And it’s pretty! I really like this Cornflower Blue/Peach colorway, but if that’s not your thing it comes in 10 other colors. I really like the gray. Not enough gray bras out there, in my opinion.


image from figleaves.com

The only thing I don’t like about the design of this bra (other than the way the lace at the bottom rolling up) is the straps. They absolutely do not adjust long enough. I have them set as long as possible and they’re still a bit tight. Anyone with lower-set breasts or a longer torso than me would probably find this style unwearable.


Where can I buy this?
Just Peachy is a Figleaves house brand, so it’s only available there. Best part? The full price of this bra is $28-$30! They’re also running a “buy 2 for $45” sale on this model and some colorways are discounted even more than that! Sizes 30-38 DD-G (not all colors available in all sizes.) Figleaves also offers a padded version of this bra available in 30-38 A-DD.

I want a second opinion!
Busts 4 Justice

Hey, your hair is short now!
Yeah. I’m not ready to tell the story yet, I’m still pissed off and I miss my hair. Suffice to say, the dog is (again) lucky that she’s cute.


4 thoughts on “Just Peachy Lace Non Padded Balconette Part 1: 34E

  1. I definitely agree about the strap issue. Now, it’s not an issue for me because I have tiny shoulders (I’m only 5 feet/152 cm tall) but I was surprised that I needed them to only be partially adjusted instead of fully or almost fully like I always have to do despite a good fit otherwise. I simply have tiny shoulders so… Yeah. I would advice any woman with bigger than average shoulders (distance-wise down to where your band sits) to steer clear of this bra just for that fact alone. I didn’t like this bra as it didn’t suit my needs nor did it fit my shape, but aside for those personal things, the straps really are a huge issue, and it’s not biased due to my own preferences.

    • Glad it’s not just me! I’ve seen a couple of other people mention the strap thing, but honestly it’s so bad that I’m surprised EVERYONE doesn’t bring it up.

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