Something Else Sunday: Epistick!

Late again! I don’t even have a good excuse this time; I just completely forgot what day it was.

Anyhoo, earlier this week I posted this photo
on the Filling A Niche Facebook page and asked if anyone knew what it is. Only one person did. So what is it? It’s an Epistick!

What does an Epistick do, you ask? Removes hair. Specifically facial hair. It basically works the same as threading, by plucking lots of hairs at once. Except that unlike threading which uses, well, thread, the Epistick catches the hairs in between the coils of a spring. Also, unlike threading, the Epistick is not recommended for use near the eyes. The skin there is too delicate and it would be too difficult to remove the hairs as precisely as needed. Though, I suppose if you wanted to remove your eyebrows completely it would totally work.

So does it work? Yep! Although it does take some practice to get the required hand motion right.

I tried to draw again...

I tried to draw again…

Just bend the Epistick into a upside down “U” shape, hold it against your face, then use your fingers to twist each of the handy dandy holding areas outward in an upright direction. If you want to see it in action, check out the YouTube video I found in a desperate search after I couldn’t figure out how to work the damn thing.

Pretty easy. Like I said it takes some practice. After I ran out of facial hair (and believe me, you have no idea how much facial hair you have until you yank most of it out with a spring) I practiced on my legs for a few days. Which I haven’t shaved in like a week just for this little experiment. You’re welcome. Here’s a picture of the hairs that were pulled out after one twist on my leg:

Can you see them?

Can you see them?

Not bad, but it would have been more impressive had I thought to take a picture of what it pulled out of my face. Not because I have a luxurious beard up on there, but because it just works better for the face. Better angle, I think. In fact, I would not recommend using the Epistick for anything other than faces. You could do your legs with it, I suppose, but only if you have a lot of time and really flexible limbs. Definitely DO NOT use on armpits or pubic hair; there is no way to pull the skin taut enough while doing so. Just don’t try it, okay?

You want to know how bad it hurts, right? It hurts, but it’s not the worst pain I’ve ever felt in association with facial hair removal. Both chemical burns from depilatory creams (which is the reason I hunted this thing down, and the reason I have so damn much makeup on for the b’tempt’d Soft Touch review) and injuries from waxing skin that wasn’t pulled taut enough are way worse. I guess I would say it just feels like tweezing. Really fast. I’m going to keep using it because it’s the best thing I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried everything!

Where can I buy this?
I bought mine off of eBay. For…wait for it…$2.99. Just search for Epistick. There are a lot of them. You can also find links to other retailers by checking out the blog post that tipped me off to the existence of this wonderful, painful face Slinky:
Magic Wand for Facial Hair at Venusian Glow (Thank you, Eternal*Voyageur!)


2 thoughts on “Something Else Sunday: Epistick!

    • Huh, that’s interesting. I’ve found that mine grabs my thicker, darker facial hair much better than it grabs the lighter, finer hair. I wonder if I have a different model or there was a redesign or something?

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