Wishlist Wednesday: Playful Promises

images from facebook.com/PlayfulPromises

images from facebook.com/PlayfulPromises

This showed up on my Facebook feed a few days ago. I reposted it with the caption “Stunning!” I love the blue/orange color combo, I love the high-waisted briefs, and I love the longline bra. The company, Playful Promises, is one I haven’t heard of before, so I was immediately off to check out their website.

Playful Promises is a London-based lingerie company that was started in 2004, and virtually everything they make is adorable (sexy, cute, hot…choose your adjective.) Some of my favorites are:

image from playfulpromises.com

image from playfulpromises.com

Limited Edition Pippa Dandelion Retro Bra. Pink dandelion fluffs. It’s precious. Available in S, M, L (which is UK 10, 12, 14 or US 6, 8, 10, respectively.) I’m guessing this probably isn’t supportive enough for me personally, but I think (I could be wrong) that this is more of a “bedroom” bra, anyway.

image from playfulpromises.com

image from playfulpromises.com

Anastasia Russian Floral Bra Longline? Check. Bright florals? Check. Strappy design? Check. I like this one a lot. What I don’t like is that I’m sized out of it. Playful Promise currently only makes bras in 32-36 A-DD. I understand, I really do. They’re a small, somewhat new company, and making a lot of sizes is a lot of work (and expense.) There is a lot of engineering that goes into bra design, especially for larger cup sizes; you can’t just cut a 34B bigger. Good news, though. According to the Playful Promises Facebook page, they will be doing a trial run of larger cup sizes (up to 34F) beginning in December. Hopefully as the company and their fan base grows they will be able to expand bra sizes even further in the future. In the meantime, I could theoretically sister-size up to a 34DD (I usually wear a 32E/DDD), but that really depends on how tight their bands run.

There are plenty of non-bra items from the company to love, too! Lots of cute panties in all styles, including the wildly impractical (but who cares? I don’t!) Frilly Knickers.

image from playfulpromises.com

image from playfulpromises.com

Available in 8 colors (pictured above is “Peacock Green), sizes S, M, L.

Playful Promises also sells clothing!

image from playfulpromises.com

image from playfulpromises.com

The Classic Tailored Dress (in Violet) is my favorite. I love the shape of the skirt! This piece is available in XS-XL, which is US 4-12 (UK 8-16). Some of their offerings are also available in an XXS (US 2, UK 6). Like the bras, not a huge range. Again, though, something that will hopefully expand as the company does.

I know this post sounds a bit like a paid advertisement. It’s really not. I just get really excited when I find a new lingerie company. Especially when they have gorgeous products! Any of you guys familiar with Playful Promises? What do you think of them?


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