Lunaire Chantel Lace Balconette Review

A few weeks ago, the nice people at Lunaire graciously offered to send me one of the their bras for review*. After some internal hemming and hawing I chose the Chantel, which is part of the “Simply Sexy” line. I ordered my go-to size of 32DDD (US sizing**).

The Chantel is a 3-part cup lace balconette with a lightly padded side-support sling. Side slings are great for offering a more supportive lift and creating a more pleasant shape by moving breast tissue to the front.



So how’s the fit? Pretty good.


Gorgeous from the front. Gore is tacking just fine, the gore width is good for me (cups aren’t spaced too widely apart or close together), straps placement is about perfect. Though, being a balconette, the straps are widely spaced, so watch out for that if you have narrow or sloping shoulders. This is one of the few 3-part cups that I’ve tried where I don’t get any wrinkling or emptiness at the top of the cup. I assume that a lot of this is owned to the pretty sturdy line of elastic at the top. Great for me, with my soft breast tissue and my pretty much even fullness. If your breasts are firmer and/or fuller on top that elastic might cut into breast tissue, but I really couldn’t say for sure. I’m shallow enough on the top that I’ve never really had much of a “cutting in” problem with bras. That elastic is firm enough that the top of the cup doesn’t gape even while leaning over, which is cool.

Also, you guys…this bra is just pretty. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not huge on pink, but the dusty mauve color on the Chantel is really nice.


I also like the striped center bow!

Plus that slight sheen makes it look a lot more expensive than the retail price of $36. The feel of the fabric isn’t bad, either. The lining is nylon and it feels like nylon; I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it feels like the finest silk. But it’s not scratchy or stiff. It feels like a much more expensive bra than it is.

The band is snug. Almost too snug for me, and I really wish I had an extender.


See those hooks straining?

This isn’t a bad thing, though. Just means that the band is true-to-size, which I’m finding to be somewhat of a rarity in the bra world. My ribcage measures 33 inches and most of my bras are 32’s, some of which are a little too loose. There are some brands ::cough, cough, Freya:: that have such outrageously loose bands that I need to drop down to a 30. The stretched band measurement I get on this bra is just a tick shy of 32 inches. The Chantel is the only bra that I’ve tried from Lunaire, but I’m really hoping this “true-to-size” band thing holds across all models. Saves me reading a million reviews and doing some guesswork when I want to order a bra online.

I do have one slight problem with this bra. Check out the shape I get from the side:


Pointier than I’d like. Though not as pointy as it was the first day I wore it. And, unfortunately, nowhere near as nicely rounded as it was on the second wear. Why is that, you wonder? During the second wear I was about 2 days away from starting my period, and apparently my boobs swell when I have PMS. Fitting tip: Check your bra fit at various times during your cycle. I spill out of most of my bras for about a week before my period, and that’s not uncommon. So even though I’m not totally in love with the everyday shape I get from this bra, I’m planning to live in it for one week every month. See, when my boobs swell, they ache, and my other slightly-too-tight bras are wildly uncomfortable. The Chantel is an absolutely perfect fit during that oh-so-special time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that nice rounded shape. And it was really freaking nice, too. I was probably too busy eating candy and crying. (Seriously, my PMS symptoms are so stereotypical it’s disgusting.) I will update this post with pics in, oh, about 3 weeks.

While the shape is pointier than I generally like in a bra it looks just fine under a shirt.


A silly model pose calls for silly photo effects. That's what I always say.

If I were the type of blogger who grades bras, which I’m generally not but what the hey, I’d give the Chantel a B for everyday wear and an A+ for PMS time. And those grades are for my boobs only. Someone who is a bit more projected or just generally fuller (I’m kinda saggy) would probably get a great shape in this all the time, because the cup itself doesn’t seem to be sewn to give a pointy shape, it’s just a matter of how my soft breasts are sitting in there.

Where can I buy this
Bare Necessities

Another point in Lunaire’s favor: They are one of the few larger bust brands I’ve come across that are sold at major retailers. The Chantel is available at Dillard’s. Macy’s also carries Lunaire, though not this model.

I want a second opinion!
I was unable to find any other blogger reviews for this bra, but there are some customer reviews available at the shopping links above.

*The Chantel was generously provided by Lunaire; all opinions are my own.

**This bra appears to have been manufactured in sizes 32-40 C-G. Lunaire is a US company and as such the sizes are US sizes. For an international conversion chart, go here.


7 thoughts on “Lunaire Chantel Lace Balconette Review

  1. Love your review! I’m pretty disappointed because I was looking forward to trying this bra as well. I won Venusian Glow’s giveaway for a Lunaire set and I emailed her back first asking for the Ashley set, I then emailed her back right after to change my mind to the Chantel since I work better with balconettes, and she forwarded all of my emails to them. But I guess they just read the first one and sent it off without reading the next. I emailed Lunaire directly after receiving the wrong set to ask if I could try exchanging it but they ignored me, heh. 😦 Seeing from your pics, it really is beautiful.. *sigh*

    • Oh dear 😦 I didn’t have any communication problems with Lunaire, so hopefully that’s something they improved on between then and now. The Ashley was actually my second pick; I made my husband make the final decision because I couldn’t choose! How’s the fit?

      • Well this was probably less than 2 weeks ago haha. 🙂 So it was pretty recent!

        The Ashley is beautiful as well, but the cups run one size big. I saw that from reviews so I asked for a size down than what I would usually wear, and I’d say the reviews are right. The cup depth was perfect and would have been too big in my normal size (but still cut in a bit on my fuller on top shape since it’s a full cup construction) but the wires… they’re so flimsy! They get distorted when worn. The band wasn’t too tight either (very stretchy) so I think it’s just that the wires they use aren’t sturdy enough. Did the Chantel have that problem with the wires? Also is the lace at the top stretchy? I was wondering if the pointyness you got could be because it might have the same sizing problem of running a bit big, but then if the lace is stiff it would just make the cutting in worse.

        I think your husband made a great choice. After reading your review, I really wish I had gotten the right bra! I’m not sure if I should contact Venusian Glow to ask about it, I wouldn’t want to bother her. 😦

  2. Yay, Lunaire to the rescue! Lisa, I’m sorry, you asked a question that I didn’t even answer. I just checked and I would say the wires are medium-bendy. More easily bent than any of my Panache bras, not as bendy as the Freya I have. The lace is definitely stretchy!

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