Wishlist Wednesday: Chemises

Quick blog news: The details of the giveaway that I promised a little while ago have been hammered out! If all goes well, it will begin at midnight tonight, so check back in then to see details and to enter! (Don’t worry if that’s too late for you: the giveaway will run for a week.)

I love pretty jammies, but I usually just sleep in whatever shirt I wore that day because I don’t have pretty jammies. Chemises are my current nightwear obsession because they can pull double duty as pajamas and sexytimes outfits. There is also the added bonus of not having to work out an exact bra size (like you would with babydolls, which I plan to write about next week) though the trade off is minimal support.

Here are some chemises that I’m currently coveting.


image from barenecessities.com

Oscar De La Renta Sweet Slumber chemise, available in XS-XL. A separate plus sized version is available in 1X-3X. I love the color, and I love that the lace trim is on top of the satin. Trim can unfortunately be scratchy sometimes.


image from fauve.com

Fauve Chloe chemise, available in XS-XL. I’ve written before about the Fauve Bronte chemise, and quite honestly I haven’t seen anything from Fauve that isn’t beautiful. The Chloe collection is another one of my favorites. That color is called Mink. This piece is just so elegant.


image from herroom.com

Josie by Natori Spicy Essentials chemise, available in XS-XL. Looks simple and comfy. The color in the picture is Peacock Blue, which is probably my favorite color for this piece. It also comes in Chili, Watermelon, and Heather Grey, all with different contrasting trim.


image from rigbyandpeller.uk.co

Okay, now this is a luxury item right here. This is the Aubade Sleepless Night short gown, available in S-L. I don’t know much about Aubade other than they’re a French company, and I can’t afford them. But it’s fun to look!

Do you like a good chemise? Prefer different sleepwear? Tell me about it!


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