Wishlist Wednesday: Babydolls


image from macys.com

I love babydolls. So pretty, so sexy, theoretically so much more supportive for the bust than chemises.  Yeah, I said theoretically.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never owned a babydoll that actually fit well. Usually the problem is that once I find a size that fits in the cups, the fabric that should be supporting my breasts (where a band would be on a bra) is way too loose. And that means that my boobs slide down underneath the designated boob area. Not cute. At all.

This happens to a lot of people. How come? Well, let’s check out the size chart for the Linea Donatella Stretch Lace babydoll, pictured above.


Image from macys.com

That’s, um, not real helpful, is it? I can tell that a medium would certainly fit on my body, but I have no way of knowing if the piece will support my boobs or just cover them. I see no information about the fit at the underbust. I have a 38 inch bust, but I also have a 32 inch underbust. Someone else could have the same bust (hell, same waist and hip, too) measurement that I do, but a markedly different underbust. The fit of this piece is going to be vastly different on someone with, say, a 28 or 36 inch ribcage than it would on me. Even though we have the same bust measurement. And according to the size chart, we should all be in the same size. Not cool.

A lot of babydolls are sized like that. Occasionally, some can be found that are sized by bra measurements, which is wonderful. What is less wonderful is how hard it can be to find that outside of “mainstream” sizes. Victoria’s Secret, for example, carries five bra-sized babydolls. But the size range is 32-36 A-D, and some only come in 34-36 B-D. C’mon, VS, get it together! You make bras from 30A-40DDD! You can’t make babydolls in all those sizes?

So what’s a bigger busted girl to do? Happily, more and more DD+ brands are expanding into nightwear market. And three of them have come out with babydolls that I would love to own.


image from panache-lingerie.com

Cleo debuted the Marcie babydoll in their Autumn/Winter 2013, and the whole bra blogosphere has been pretty excited about it. The Marcie is a pretty popular bra on it’s own, and one that I’m really hoping to try at some point. And while the black version is great (I have a weakness for polka dots), I’m super-duper-mega excited for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, when the Marcie babydoll will be available in yellow! Yellow, you guys! Want a review? Here’s one from Undressed to Impress!

Where can I buy this?
Bare Necessities
The black Marcie babydoll is available in sizes 28-40 D-K.

Another new piece that has boobie bloggers all a buzz (alliteration is fun) is the Curvy Kate Lola, available in black/almond.


Okay, I feel a little disingenuous putting this on a personal wishlist. I’m 99% sure that the plunging molded cups would give me a lot of trouble, fit-wise. The Lola is so lovely, though. I guess I wish it would work for my boobs. You can check out Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust and Curvy Wordy for some great in-depth reviews.

Where can I buy this?
Lola is available in 28-40 D-K.

The last item on this list is (sadly) soon to be relegated to just eye candy.


image from affinitasintimates.com

Florence is from Parfait by Affinitas’ S/S 2013 collection. So as I type, retailers are selling whatever they have left at clearance prices to make room for newer items. Sometimes the short life of fashion collections seriously bums me out. The Florence is so beautiful. I really like the detachable garter straps. Really, I’m seriously lusting over this.

Can I still buy this?
Yep! For now…
Bare Necessities
Limited sizes available.

What do you guys think of these? Any other babydolls you’re loving right now?


2 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday: Babydolls

  1. I’ve been looking for a babydoll recently and haven’t had much luck, that Marcie looks adorable though! I’ll have to track one down. I saw one I loved at VS and they only went up to a D -_-

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