Wishlist Wednesday: Wiesmann Lingerie

Last month there was a review on Venusian Glow for a bra from a company that I hadn’t heard of before. This is the bra:

image from wiesmann.pl

image from wiesmann.pl

How beautiful is that? It’s the Tiffany balconette from Wiesmann Lingerie. Turns out that Wiesmann is a smaller Polish lingerie company, and even Eternal*Voyager from Venusian Glow hadn’t heard of them. And she’s been blogging about bras way longer than I have. Her review is favorable, so I decided to see what else Wiesmann has to offer.

All of it is gorgeous. Really, I’m not sure why Wiesmann isn’t mentioned alongside often-blogged-about Polish brands like Ewa Michalak, Comexim, and Avocado. Perhaps because their large cup offerings aren’t as numerous as their “regular sizes”? Who knows? But the bras that they do make in larger sizes look great. And something else I don’t see often from lingerie companies: A fair amount of their designs are available in three different styles. They have the push up (appears to be a plunge), the semi-soft (looks like a… half-molded balcony, I guess, I don’t really know all the bra words), and the balconette. It’s really nice to see a company doing this. Too often, companies will come out with a bra design or fabric pattern that looks stunning, but is only available in one style. And a lot of times, it’s a style that doesn’t work for me. Stupid plunges.

image from wiesmann.pl

image from wiesmann.pl

That’s the Pamela, which comes in black or white. Available in sizes 65 E-K, 70 D-K, 75 C-K, 80 B-K, 85 B-J, 90 B-I, and 95 B-H (Polish sizing*). This is definitely a sexy lace bra! And the price on that is about $32 US, though shipping from Poland can, of course, be rather expensive.

image from wiesmann.pl

image from wiesmann.pl

Another Wiesmann bra that I adore is the Skarlet balconette. Look at that beautiful blue! So pretty. Being from their “regular” line, this one unfortunately doesn’t come in a very big size range. 65 D-G, 70 C-G, 75 B-F, 80-85 B-D. Again, roughly $30.

Last up, a bra that just screams “AUTUMN!”

image from wiesmann.pl

image from wiesmann.pl

Lookit! The golds, the browns, the cream! It’s like a leaf pile, except with roses. I love this so much. And this poor bra doesn’t even have a proper name. Just B-212 (semi-soft.) Poor, poor thing. Available in 70 D-G, 75 C-G, 80 B-G, 85 B-F, and 90 B-E.

Where can I buy this?
Either I suck at Googling, or this stuff is hard to come by. There is a shopping link on the company website, which takes you here. It’s a Polish site and my stupid computer is refusing to translate it, so I can’t even tell you if they ship outside of Poland or where to. Sorry about that. The only other sites that comes up in my Google search that I’m willing to vouch for are eBay (good selection there) and Amazon UK. Unfortunately, Wiesmann doesn’t show up on US Amazon.

I’m here for the reviews!
Tough cookies. The review at Venusian Glow that I’ve linked at the top of the page is the only blog review I can find for this brand.

Any of you guys have any experience with Wiesmann bras? At least heard of them? What do you think of their designs?

*Polish sizing is very different from US or even UK sizing. Here is the Wiesmann sizing chart. Keep in mind that they are measuring in centimeters. And here is the international bra size chart from The Butterfly Collection, though all brands tend to size a little bit different.


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