Something Else Sunday: Blah


I laughed.

That’s how I feel right now. Blah. It’s snowing here. The weather is killing my sinuses. It’s also messing with my mood. I have some depression-type-stuff, and the yearly switch to cold weather always kind of messes with that. Plus, you know, holiday stress…just blah.

Not to worry, I’m under a doctor’s care. It’s not a crisis situation or anything, I just need to wait for my medication adjustment to kick in all the way.  Really, I wouldn’t bring it up at all if I didn’t feel the need to explain why I have nothing written for today’s regularly scheduled post. I’m just off my game and I’m having a bit of writer’s block.

Not about bras and stuff, though. Believe me, you guys,  there’s always plenty of stuff to write about there. I’ve actually been working on five different lingerie related posts over the past week or so. I just haven’t finished any of them. Expect a review tomorrow or Tuesday, and some fitting stuff probably by the weekend.

So about that writer’s block: Help me out! What do you want to read about for Something Else Sunday? Any deeply personal questions you’ve been dying to ask? Want my opinion on something? Anything I’ve already talked about for that you want more info on? Let me know! And I’m always happy to answer any lingerie questions to the best of my ability, too!


2 thoughts on “Something Else Sunday: Blah

  1. As I said before, I’m thinking of you and rooting for you! My adjustment to the darkness is always a bit rocky. I’ve taken to going out for a bit around lunch on days when I can see the sun and just closing my eyes and facing the sun. When it’s cold I have some hot tea or cider and sip that slowly so I feel warmer on the inside.

    • Thanks, dear! I’ll get through it, I always do. Just a few rough weeks. It helps that it’s actually snowing now; it’s cold and pretty instead of cold and muddy!

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