Just Peachy Lace Non Padded Balconette Part 2: 32F

This is the second size of this bra that I’m reviewing. Even though neither size is a great fit, I want to use these reviews to show sister sizing in action.


That color is not accurate...flash problems...

Before I took the pictures for this review I would have told you this bra is a much better fit than the 34E that I reviewed last month. Theoretically, a 34E and a 32F should have the same cup volume. The 32F feels like exactly the same fit, but with a tighter band. Turns out, that’s not true.

From the front the fit looks pretty much the same. Actually, it looks like a pretty good fit. The gore is tacking and the cups look filled but not overflowing. That “good fit” illusion is shattered when you look at it from any other angle.


Why has everyone let me walk around looking like this?

Holy shit, is that ever weird-looking! I had no idea that shape was happening until I took these pics. I guess I just assumed I was getting about the same shape I get in the 34E, so I never really checked it. The 34E gives me a more rounded shape. I’m guessing the 32F is deeper toward the center of the cup. Seems shallower toward the bottom and top. Actually,  the top of the cup cuts into my breast a bit…and I’m pretty shallow up there. I am getting a decent lift, though. I’ll give it that.

I am wondering if the cutting in is just a matter of too tight elastic at the top. In addition to the cutting in I’m also getting a good amount of wrinkling in the fabric.


THAT color is much more accurate!

All of that extra fabric leads me to believe that the biggest problem with this bra is that it’s a cup size too big for me. Had I been more educated at the time I would have ordered a 32E when I realized that the 34E was too loose. I simply didn’t realize how big the cup was because it was a much better fit than the 36 B’s and C’s I had been wearing. It’s amazing how much you learn in a few months of obsessive bra blog reading!

Another place where sister sizing isn’t always a perfect solution is the band.

While the 34 was markedly too loose (I wear it on the second hook and could probably move to the third), the 32 is nearly too tight. The hooks are straining and this bra is just plain uncomfortable to wear for more than a few hours. Also uncomfortable?  The straps. As I mentioned on the other review they do not adjust long enough. I can wear these bras with the straps adjusted as long as possible but they do dig into my shoulders. Unfortunately this is a flaw that assures that I will not be giving this style another try unless the strap design is changed. And that’s a shame because this is such a pretty (and inexpensive) bra.

Where can I buy this?
Yeah, I’m just gonna copy and paste from the last review…

Just Peachy is a Figleaves house brand, so it’s only available there. Best part? The full price of this bra is $28-$30! They’re also running a “buy 2 for $45” sale on this model and some colorways are discounted even more than that! Sizes 30-38 DD-G (not all colors available in all sizes.) Figleaves also offers a padded version of this bra available in 30-38 A-DD.


3 thoughts on “Just Peachy Lace Non Padded Balconette Part 2: 32F

  1. Hi Missy, thanks for this review! I haven’t seen many reviews for the Figleaves brands so far and I find it very helpful.

    That sister sizes can give different shapes is something that I recently discovered, too. I think that the tention of the band – which was higher in the 32 bra – pulled more at the weires so that they got wider compared to the wires at the 34 band when you put on the bra. Wider wires lead to less volume in the cups so that they appear to be smaller (or what you wrote: they seem to be more shallow at bottom and top). Sometimes it can help to use an extender to reduce this effect especially when the band seems a bit too tight.
    Looking forward for further reviews from your side! 🙂
    Kind regards,

    (I hope, my English explanations were comprehensible)

    • Yes! I meant to mention in the post that the shape could well be caused by the tight band and I completely forgot. Thanks for bringing it up! I bet your right, too. The bottom of the cup is being pulled more shallow than intended and causing that weird upward point.

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