Wishlist Wednesday: Obligatory Red And Green Edition

One week until Christmas! I have so much stuff to do! I’m super behind schedule! Which is why you guys are getting a holiday wishlist at an incredibly late date. I honestly don’t know if anyone can still ship this stuff by next Wednesday without expensive rush fees. Sorry about that. But, hey, New Years gifts are nice, too!

First up, the Angie set from Masquerade.


Image from panache-lingerie.com

Reminiscent of Parfait’s Charlotte, with those black stripes, but in a deeper (and fancier, in my opinion) red. Less “cheesecake,” more “opulence.” Not that there’s anything wrong with cheesecake; you know how I love my Charlotte. Angie balconette available in 28-38 D-H, briefs and thong in 8-18.

Another bra with a similar design (I couldn’t choose between them for this post) is Ewa Michalak’s S Pieprzyk.

image from ewa-michalak.pl

image from ewa-michalak.pl

Black vertical seams and polka dots? I’m in love! Pretty much any Ewa Michalak bra would make me very happy; I just need to figure out my size. I keep getting overwhelmed and giving up. Check the website for available sizes. Seriously, it’s complicated!

Up next, Fauve Agnes.

image from fauve.com

image from fauve.com

There aren’t very many green bras out there, and of the ones that exist, there aren’t very many I like. I do like this one. The embroidery is gorgeous. I’ve said this before, but I don’t think there is any Fauve piece that isn’t visually stunning. Even the designs I wouldn’t buy are still obviously well made and well designed. Padded half-cup (pictured) available in 30 D-G, 32-38 B-G. Balcony bra (which is what I’d actually purchase, but I wanted a pic with the garter belt) available in 30-38 D-GG. Thong, short, and suspender belt available in XS-XL, and the brief is available in XS-2XL.

Another green! Figleaves Boudoir Tease Silk and Lace Soft Triangle Bralet.

image from figleaves.com

image from figleaves.com

Okay, bralets…there are positives and negatives to this style. Negatives first: I doubt this is particularly supportive, especially for larger and/or heavier breasts. Also, the size range is not huge. Positives: Easier to give as a gift because there is no need to figure out an exact cup and band size. And, well, it’s really sexy. I like it very much. In fact, I’m pretty impressed with the Figleaves Boudoir line as a whole. Bralet and suspender available in S-L (according to the size chart, US 4-14.) Briefs or thong available in UK 8-18.

The last set on the list has red and green!

image from largodrive.com

image from largodrive.com

Okay, they call it papaya and khaki, but close enough. This is the Claudette Dessous. The Dessous has been release in a whole bunch of really, really awesome colors, any of which I would be overjoyed to get. I really like this one as a holiday pick, though. The colors are a really great play on traditional red and green. Interesting, since this is from the SS13 line. Bra available in 28-38 D-G. Matching bikini bottoms available in XS-2XL.

That concludes my holiday wishlist! Are any of my picks catching your eye? Anything else you would include? Let me know!


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