Something Else Sunday: I Made Things!

A few weeks ago I asked you guys to help me come up with ideas for nice, inexpensive gifts.  Faustineli (awesome bra blog at that link) mentioned that she does a lot of knitting.  Now I’ve never knitted, and besides, my sister-in-law has pretty much cornered the market on knitting in this family.  However,  I remembered that I used to know how to crochet and I didn’t hate doing it. So I thought, why not give it a go?

I have become a crocheting monster.


That’s the first Actual Thing I Made! I spent a lot of time on Crocheting For Dummies re-learning the basics. My little girl watched me repeatedly making and undoing row after row and eventually decreed that I make her a scarf. So I did. It’s a bit loose and uneven, and the fringe at the ends is much too short…but I made it. And then I made a scarf for my husband. That one looks much better.

I’m disproportionately proud of myself. I’ve never been much of a “maker.” I don’t draw, or paint, or build, or sculpt, or sew, or get creative with cooking (I do like baking, though), or…I could go on for awhile. But good goddammit, apparently I can crochet!

I only made one crocheted Christmas gift, but it was a doozy.


Steelers-inspired blanket for my husband’s aunt. Because she likes the Steelers and she’s really hard to shop for. I think I made at least a dozen of those flowers before I really got the hang of it.


Look how cute those are!

I’m currently working on these hats for both of the kids. There’s been some trial and error. I had to Google how to join stitches in a round, for instance. But it’s getting there.


And I’m not getting frustrated, which is new and different. I’m actually finding crocheting to be highly addictive. Which is fine with me. Gives me something to do with my hands, which cuts down my near-constant need for a cigarette. Health ‘n stuff.

This is the part in the post where I would generally give you guys a bunch of links pertaining to the topic I’m currently discussing. But I’m new at this whole crocheting thing and I don’t really have any. So help me out! Anyone know of any good resources for a beginning crocheter?


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