Wishlist Wednesday: Neutrals (and my problem with nude)

I mentioned in last week’s Wishlist Wednesday that while color can really bring out the beauty in a bra that isn’t always apparent in a beige, there are some beige bras that I really like the look of. Here are some of them!

image from freyalingerie.com

image from freyalingerie.com

One of my favorites is Freya’s Lacey Plunge Balcony bra in Cafe Latte. I don’t know if a non-molded plunge would work better for me than a molded one (which is “not well at all”) but I’m willing to try for polka dots. Lacey is available in 28 D-G, 30 D-K, 34-36 C-K, and 38 C-JJ. Matching brief and thong available in XS-XL, short available in 2XL. (UK sizing)

Where can I buy this?
Freya’s website shows the Lacey as part of their “Essentials” (i.e. neutral continuity line, generally), but several shopping sites are showing this model as discontinued. It is still available at FreshPair.

I’m here for the reviews!
Great reviews can be found at Bras and Body Image and Busts 4 Justice!

image from curvykate.com

image from curvykate.com

This one is Curvy Kate’s Emily, from the SS13 line. Yeah, I know that makes it like a year old, and CK has a lot of newer pretty neutrals, but I like this one. The lace makes it look all fancy! This style also comes in black and white as continuity colors, and a wide variety of fashion colorways. Bra available in 28-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G. Thong and short available in 8-22 (UK sizing.)

Where can I buy this?
Emily is discontinued, but can still be found in limited sizes at HerRoom.

I’m here for the reviews!
Erica reviews the Emily (in a very pretty grape/black colorway) over at A Sophisticated Pair. There is also a review of the flame colorway over at Obsessed With Breasts.


image from panache-lingerie.com

Elsa from Panache, in Vintage. This one is so pretty, you guys! Lovely color, lovely design, high-waisted briefs! Yay! Vintage is more of a light pink than a beige, but some people find that light pink works really well as an “under-white-shirts” solution. I can usually manage to make that work during the winter when any tan that I might have picked up is gone. This one is quite probably going to be my next set. Also available in black, damsonn and a Bravissimo-exclusive bright pink. The balconnet bra is available in 30-38 D-K, brief and high-waisted brief available in 8-20 (UK sizing.)

Where can I buy this?
Bravissimo has Elsa available in all three colors.

I’m here for the reviews!
Here’s a review from Clare at A Bit of This and That. (ETA: I originally had a link to a review from Bras I Love and Hate because I somehow misread “Eliza” as “Elsa.” Here is a different post from that blog that does mention the Elsa in a brand overview.

image from ewa-michalak.pl

image from ewa-michalak.pl

And here’s the reason I titled this post “neutrals” instead of “beige.” Ewa Michalak’s PL Toffik. I am completely enamored of this gorgeous toffee color. I love it so much! Now, I don’t know if this would work as a neutral color for me (and I don’t care), but I image the Toffik is a much-appreciated option* for those with darker skin tones. This color is also available in a strapless version and as a matching thong. Check the website for sizing information, I still don’t quite get Polish sizing. But my general understanding is that if you have boobs, Ewa Michalak can make a bra to fit them!

Where can I buy this?
Directly from the website is the best way to go; I hear they are really helpful! Ewa Michalak bras also appear regularly in the Bratabase listings. The company appears to be phasing this model/color out (I think…?), but it is still available in some sizes.

I’m here for the reviews!
Here’s one from Curvy Wordy and one from Boosaurus!

*Little sidetrack here: I hate when beiges are called “nude.” Hate it, hate it, hate it. It’s exclusionary,and it’s quite honestly racist. (If I mess up talking about racial stuff here, call me out! Please!) A dark-skinned woman obviously can’t wear most so-called nude bras as a no-show option. And, hell, not all light-skinned women match what is called a nude. Skin tones run the entire gamut from black to white, which isn’t something that lingerie manufactures acknowledge very often. Hell, the CK Emily up there is called nude. That color doesn’t match my skin tone. It’s not nude for me. It’s not nude for a lot of people. Some manufactures at least give lip service to the fact that skin comes in lots of colors. Some do well offering a variety of skin-toned options. Some…make it worse. I’m going to call out Wacoal on this, though I’ve seen some other manufacturers pulling this bullshit. See, Wacoal makes a lot of their bras in neutral colors. Great. Some of them have up to four skin-toned colors, from ivory to black. Wonderful. What are those colors called? Ivory, Natural Nude, Cappuccino, and Black. Guess which one is closest to what I would consider an average caucasian skin-tone? Natural Nude. Really? Not cool, Wacoal. Not cool at all.

For further reading about the whole nude/beige controversy, please check out Miss Underpinnings amazing post on the subject: There Is No One Shade of Nude and 20 Neutral Bras to Prove It


7 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday: Neutrals (and my problem with nude)

  1. Those are pretty! My husband prefers neutral colored bras (I, however, love me some bright-ness), but I never get them. I really like these though!!

  2. Definitely understand the frustration with labeling beige-type bras nude. Even as someone whose skin color manufacturers are trying to match with “nude” bras, the color is often several shades off, enough to make it non-functional as a nude. If I’m feeling that “nude” annoyance with manufacturers (please, call your bras peach or beige or tan or whatever), I can only imagine what it must feel like to have one’s skin tone utterly and systemically disregarded with this terminology.

    • Exactly! I can’t experience that feeling, but I’m sure it’s awful. BTW, thanks for linking me on abrathatfits, I appreciate it! I’m almost never over there because…well, I don’t really know why not…

  3. I totally agree with you about using “nude” to describe a beige color. It’s awkward at best and racist at worst, and even though I’m quite fair myself I would like to see a wider range of tan/brown bras available on the market that will match other ladies’ skin tones better.

    Also, I think you might have accidentally linked to the wrong blog post reviewing the Panache Elsa- that one is referring to the Eliza, which if I’m not mistaken appears to be a different bra.

  4. Great post! I have needed a neutral bra for a while, and I actually found one from Kris Line that is silver (crazy, right?). One of my big complaints with neutral bras is that they take the neutral color as an excuse not to make a pretty design. The ones you linked here demonstrate that you can definitely have a basic beige or mocha bra without needing to skimp on details too.

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