Parfait by Affinitas Lola Review

Here it is, my second mutually selected Christmas present from the husband!


Parfait by Affinitas Lola balconet bra in 32F and hipster in Large. I really, really love the look of this set…but I am having some fit problems.

I’m going to compare the Lola to the Charlotte quite a bit, being as both bras are the same size and from the same company. Design-wise, I would say that Charlotte is the closest thing to Lola that I own. And Charlotte is a nearly perfect fit for me in all aspects. The fit of the Lola balconet isn’t bad per se, but its off.


The first and most obvious problem is that I need to buy a band extender. Immediately. The comparison chart on Bratabase actually shows that Lola has a longer band than Charlotte, but since I’m the only Lola on the site I’m going to guess that I messed up the measurement, because I definitely find the opposite to be true. My Charlotte band is “2 fingers underneath” perfect for me. The Lola is, looking only my measurements for my bras, 0.7 inches tighter in the band. I’d say that’s about right. Which isn’t great news for me, but it might be helpful for women with smaller underbust. My tight underbust measurement is 30.25 inches, so in my wildly uneducated opinion I would say that Lola runs a band size small. And that means that even though Lola starts at a 30 band it might still be an option for 28 band wearers.

The second issue I have is the cup. While the band seems to run small, the cup runs a bit big. I think. Maybe. Actually, the problem is that the cup is too deep for me. Bratabase measurements bear this out, showing that Lola has a cup depth and cup width that is 0.9 inches larger than Charlotte. Again, bad news for me, good news for others. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the shallowness of the Charlotte, but Lola doesn’t have that problem. In fact, Lola is probably great for those with more projected breasts. The wire seems to sit fine on me, and my breasts are neither overflowing or falling down in the cup. That leads me to believe that sizing down isn’t the solution. And the pictures don’t really show a problem, due to the molded cup. My breasts simply don’t extend all the way to the front of the cup.


There’s airspace in there. Not a big deal for me, but this bra does make me look a larger breasted than I actually am, especially under a shirt. I’m assuming that my boobs don’t fall down because the wire is doing it’s job and the bottom of the cup is shallow enough to hold me up. (Does that sound right?) You can see from the above picture that the shape of Lola’s cups is really nicely round, where as the Charlotte has a bit of a pointed shape.

Another thing you can see from the picture is that gorgeous black lace! I love the look of it…I do not love the feel. I’m not bothered by the height of the wing at all (though it is, again, comparable to Charlotte, and I know some reviewers had a problem with that), but I am bothered by the scratchiness. I’m refraining from fully passing judgement on that, though. I’ve only had Lola on three times and I haven’t washed it yet. It is totally possible that the lace softens up with washing. The Soak lingerie wash that I ordered from Butterfly Collection should be here anytime now, so I’ll let you guys know about the lace when I review that.

So, tighter band and deeper cup than the Charlotte. And right now, less comfortable. But we’ll see if that changes with the band extender and the washing. I would say that the wire is about medium width, the cups aren’t too close or too far apart, the straps are a comfortable width and fully adjustable. And the light pink color with the black stripes is just adorable! The only other thing I want to mention about the bra is that I don’t feel like my breasts are being brought front and center in this. The cups aren’t doing that East/West pointing thing, but I feel like my breasts are spread out across my chest a bit more than in the Charlotte.


Onto the bottoms! Cute, right? They look great from the front, they look alright from the back (which, no I’m not comfortable showing off. I’m working on it.) I say “alright” because when pulled level with the front they do ride up a bit.


It’s visible from the side shot. Higher up on my butt than I generally like, and the back is not level with the front there. That’s probably the intended look, which is fine. I just personally prefer a bit more bum cover. I would say it’s possible that sizing up would help, but I doubt it. The front actually feels a little bit baggy. Like I’ve mentioned before, Parfait’s sizing on bottoms seems to be a bit inconsistent (though that could just be owed to different styles.) My Donna shorts are just right in a medium and my Charlotte high-waisted briefs are just right in XL. I decided to split the difference and order the Lola hipsters in a large, and those seem to be the correct size, too. All perfectly comfy, though I find the elastic on the leg holes of the Lola to be less firm than I’ve come to expect lately. Still more comfortable and sturdily constructed than my old Victoria’s Secret or KMart panties. But not as comfortable as my two-sizes-too-big Walmart novelty Halloween briefs. You’ll have to pry those from my cold, dead hands…anyhoo…

All in all, I find Lola to be a great set. Not the perfect design for my body, and if I didn’t love the look of it so much I would probably trade it in for something else. I’m usually picky about fit, but I get lenient really fast if I fall in love with a pattern or color. In fact, I’m considering giving the Lola bustier a go!

Look how pretty! image from

Look how pretty!
image from

Where can I buy this?
In a previous post I said that Lola was only available as part of Parfait’s SS2013 line, but I was wrong. Lola has been added to the continuity line (yay!) Included in the line are the balconet, bustier and a half-padded bra (all available in 30-40 D-G), and the hipsters and Brazilian thong (XS-XL). A black and white (as opposed to black and pink) colorway is featured in Parfait’s SS2014 collection. Select pieces and sizes available at:
Bare Necessities
Large Cup Lingerie
Classic Shapewear

I want a second opinion!
Yeah, so do I. Unfortunately I cannot find any other blogger reviews of the Lola balconet. There are a few consumer reviews to be found on the shopping sites linked above. If you’re interested in the half-padded version of Lola, there is a review of that (plus the Charlotte balconette and the Cassandra half cup) over at Lingerie Abstracts!

One thought on “Parfait by Affinitas Lola Review

  1. I almost got that set! Now you’re making me think I might want to get it. Love the pinstripes! Looks great on you also, despite the too tight band.

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