Wishlist Wednesday: Inspired by Conversation Hearts

When I think about Valentine’s Day, my first thought isn’t flowers or chocolate or romance…it’s conversation hearts.


image from gimmesomeoven.com

Yeah, those chalky little candies. I don’t know why. I don’t even really like the damn things. (Though I can make an exception if they’re in the form of that cake up there. Those candies are decorating an absolutely delicious-sounding strawberries and cream cake made by Ali at Gimme Some Oven. I want to eat that. Actually, I want to eat a lot of the stuff on that site…)

Since conversation hearts are my (understandable but a little weird) go-to Valentine’s Day mental image, I thought that today I’d show you guys some gorgeous pieces that come in colors to match them! This entry is going to be heavy on pictures and rather light on information. I usually include shopping options and links to reviews on my Wishlists, but life is hectic right now, as I alluded to in my last post. The happy news is that it’s hectic because my 17 year old sister has come to live with us, but unhappily, that comes with quite a lot of paperwork to fill out, phone calls to make (I hate phone calls so much), and errands to run. Hopefully things will be calming down around here shortly. I am including available sizes here, though. I know how much it sucks to fall in love with a bra and not know if it comes in your size until you investigate further. Best to get the disappointment over with quickly, I think!

Anyway, on to the undies!


image from avocado.pl

Avocado Louise. Check link for sizes.


image from lemystere.com

Le Mystere Safari in Jadeite. Available in 32-38 C-G, 40 D-G (US sizing).

image from panache-lingerie.com

image from panache-lingerie.com

Cleo Marcie Babydoll in Yellow. According to Erica at A Sophisticated Pair, the release date for the yellow colorway is March 15th, 2014 (hey, that’s my 31st birthday!), and will be available in 28-38 D-J.


image from hepburnandleigh.co.uk

Fraulein Annie Falling In Love in Pearl.  Bra available in 32-38 C-G (UK sizing).


image from damaris.co.uk

Mimi Holliday Woozie Silk Satin Shoulder Bra. Available in 28 B-G, 30 B-FF, 32 A-F, 34 A-E, 36 A-DD, 38 B-D, 40 B-C. This one is on sale at that link! Like, half off!


image from bravissimo.com

Candy Bliss from Bravissimo. Available in 28 DD-J, 30-38 DD-K.


image from tuttirouge.bigcartel.com

Tutti Rouge Frankie in Mint and Cornflower Blue. Available in 28-38 DD-HH.


image from primadonna.eu

Prima Donna Twist Sweety in Blushing Orange. This collection will be available in March, in a variety of cuts with bands ranging from 30-42 and cups from B-H.

Does anything on this list catch your eye? I obviously like them all, but I think the yellow Marcie and Woozie are my favorites…at least for the moment!


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