Soak Lingerie Wash Review

A few months ago I wrote a post about proper bra washing. At that time I was washing my delicates with borax and baby shampoo, and that works just fine, but I’ve been curious about all of the different lingerie washes available. One that I’ve seen mentioned a lot is Soak, which I’ve actually come across more often in the crocheting corners of the internet that I lurk in than the lingerie corners.

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Soak is a no-rinse delicate wash that can be used for lingerie, swimsuits, workout clothing, handmade items…basically anything that you don’t want to throw in the washing machine…though Soak can be used in machines, too. The company, founded by Jacqueline Sava, makes more than just Soak Wash. They also sell hand creme, smoothing spray (wrinkle releaser), foot cream, nail polish, washing basins, and even yarn and labels for your yarn projects! Also available? Gift sets!

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That one is the Lace Kelly ($50), which contains “a 3 oz bottle of Soak and Handmaid luxury creme in Aquae, stylishly matched to premium nail polish, a custom hand-dyed Lorna’s laces yarn, and a finger-less glove pattern designed by Fiona Ellis.” Speaking as a crocheter and as an owner of undies that I prefer to handwash, these sets would make pretty great gifts!

Soak is currently available in six different scents: Aquae, Celebration, Lacey, Yuzu, Unleash (inspired by Ravelry), and Unscented. I wanted to try as many of them as possible without spending a ton of money, so I ordered a Mini Soak Selection Pack ($9) from The Butterfly Collection. That gave me two 5ml packs each of Aquae, Celebration, and Lacey. I haven’t used any of the Celebration yet, but I can say that Aquae smells like a very fresh (yeah, sure, seaside-like) clean, while Lacey is more of a floral. Both scents are fairly heavy during the washing process but they fade once the wash dries. There’s still a fragrance there, but I need to hold the item up to my nose to smell it. This is probably good for those of you who don’t have any scent sensitivities but still prefer a lighter fragrance. I myself wouldn’t mind if it were heavier, but that’s just me.

This is the only good picture I in my house is just awful...

This is the only good picture I got…lighting in my house is just awful…

Do I like Soak? Yeah, I do! First of all, it’s easy to use. Just add one teaspoon of the liquid soap to one gallon of cool water (I used two of the mini packets for a sink of 8 bras and a babydoll), toss in your dirty stuff, and let soak! The instructions say 15 minutes, but mine soaked for closer to 30 because I got busy. The instructions also say that there is no need to rinse, though the website does recommend rinsing lingerie. I assume that’s because lingerie is worn so close to intimate parts of you body that it’s best to make sure there’s no residue. I did not rinse, for what it’s worth, and I haven’t had any irritation. My skin isn’t particularly reactive to such things, though. After washing, I gentle squeezed out the excess water (as recommended by Soak). Then I laid them flat on a towel to dry to non-dripping level, then draped them over the shower curtain until completely dry (as recommended by me.)

So how did Soak do with the actual lingerie cleaning? Pretty good! I noticed that there were still some deodorant marks on a few bras before I removed them from the sink, but lightly rubbing at those removed them right away. I have to do the same when I wash with anything else, so I’m not counting that as a problem. After drying my bras were pleasantly (if mildly) scented and, by all appearances, perfectly clean.

Honestly, besides the fragrance, I don’t notice any difference in my lingerie when cleaned with Soak versus my previous borax/baby shampoo method. But the time saved by not needing to rinse was nice, especially since it saved my poor winter-dry hands from spending more time in cold water. For me, the pleasant scents and the time-saving are absolutely worth the $16 for a full bottle of silk (12-14oz, depending on scent.) I will absolutely be buying more.

Where can I buy this?
If you’re looking for small amounts to try out or to travel with, Butterfly Collection has three different varieties of Mini Soaks available. All Soak products can also be ordered directly from the website, and there is also a store locator available.

Have you tried Soak Wash? Do you have another favorite delicate washing soap? I would love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Soak Lingerie Wash Review

  1. I’m currently using Soak and like it okay, though the scent actually ends up being a bit much for me. For that reason — and for the fact that it’s a few dollars cheaper for a few ounces more — I’m interested in trying Eucalan, which has an unscented option, in the future. But, you know, not until after my bottle of Soak runs out.

    • Hey Tori! Soak does have a Scentless version of the wash as well, you should try that one if you’re sensitive to the scents. We can send you a sample to try, if you just send us an email, we can drop that in the mail for you!

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