Something Else Sunday: Non-Lingerie Valentine’s Gifts

Woo, am I having some family problems in my personal life! It is stressful, to say the least. I’ll be trying my best to keep up with the blog but if I disappear, I’m handling some stuff that needs handling and I’ll be back ASAP. So, since my personal life is all heavy right now, I want to write a nice, light, fluffy post.

The previous and next (and maybe the one after that…) Wishlist Wednesday posts are all about Valentine’s Day inspired lingerie, but maybe that’s not the type of gift you like to give or receive. No worries! I have lots of ideas for gifts that are still great but appropriate outside of the bedroom.
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Something Else Sunday: I Made Things!

A few weeks ago I asked you guys to help me come up with ideas for nice, inexpensive gifts.  Faustineli (awesome bra blog at that link) mentioned that she does a lot of knitting.  Now I’ve never knitted, and besides, my sister-in-law has pretty much cornered the market on knitting in this family.  However,  I remembered that I used to know how to crochet and I didn’t hate doing it. So I thought, why not give it a go?

I have become a crocheting monster.


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Something Else Sunday: Minecraft And My Daughter

Today in Things That Have Nothing To Do With Bras, I just want to brag about my little girl. Because I can. I don’t talk about my children too much on the blog because of general security concerns. And, well, basically I don’t want their online images to be heavily associated with a lingerie blog. But both of my children are a huge part of my life and I love them more than anything, so occasionally bragging is in order.

There she is, standing dramatically in the rain. Yeah, she's a monkey.

There she is, standing dramatically in the rain. Yeah, she’s a monkey.

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Something Else Sunday: Help Me!

So, it has recently come to my attention that December is one of the months that my husband doesn’t get a commission check at work. Which means that my whole holiday shopping game plan has gone down the tubes, and I’m having a bit of a panic about it. This is the part where I need help, you guys! I have a lot of loved ones that need gifts, and not much money to do it with. I don’t want this


to be everyone’s gift.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to fund my Christmas shopping*; I just need some ideas. I’ve been practically living on Pinterest**, trying to hunt down some inexpensive DIY gift ideas. There’s an awful lot of cookie-in-a-jar stuff to weed through. Which, you know, that’s fine and everything, but I’m looking to kind of level up from that. Here’s a few that I’ve found so far.
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Something Else Sunday: I’m Going To Talk About Menstruation


There’s a lot of pressure lately to “save the environment,” “be greener,” “produce less waste!” Wonderful goals, and I try, I really do…but I’m not so great at it. One of the places where I am rockin’ at waste reduction is my choice of “feminine products.” Okay, maybe not totally rockin’ it, maybe medium rockin’, but that’s better than nothing. By the way, the term “feminine products” really grates on my nerves…

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Something Else Sundays: Honey Hair Lightening

I'm gonna put honey in that!

I’m gonna put honey in that!

Occasionally, I seem to go through phases where I am very, very interested in natural or alternative beauty methods.  Not because of any noble aspirations to be more green or to avoid harmful chemicals (though those things are good things and I should focus on them more); I’m just cheap and curious.
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