Parfait Donna Review

Yay, my not-at-all-a-surprise Christmas presents from my husband are here! Parfait’s Donna (bra size 32E, boyshorts size medium) arrived first, so I thought I should review it first.

Yay, there's a filter on that. It makes me feel better; I'm pretty naked there.

Yeah, there’s a filter on that. It makes me feel better; I’m pretty naked there.

First of all, I am so happy to have a black bra again. This is the first black set I’ve gotten in my “correct size,” and man, I’ve missed it! Which means that I’m currently being fairly forgiving of some not-so-great issues I’m having. Actually, just one issue. See if you can spot it: Continue reading


Yay! I Got Another Lucy! (And A Cold.)

Just a quick post today because the common cold is trying to kill me. This weekend is supposed to be filled with Halloween fun that I’m going to do my best to have a good time at for my children’s sake. If that wipes me out too much, Something Else Sundays might happen on Monday instead.

Anyway, I got a white Lucy from a Bratabase user and I’m pretty happy about it. Let’s squee over it together!
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