I’m Still Alive!

Hi, you guys! I know I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, but I’m back now. Today I have some basic lingerie gifting advice for you, and a preview of some stuff that I’ll be reviewing soon.

If anyone was wondering, it turns out that what I went to the ER for was just a really bad stomach bug. Which is, to be honest, still hanging around (or has exasperated my slight IBS) but I don’t have to live in the bathroom anymore.  So…yay!

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Wishlist Wednesday: Babydolls


image from macys.com

I love babydolls. So pretty, so sexy, theoretically so much more supportive for the bust than chemises.  Yeah, I said theoretically.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never owned a babydoll that actually fit well. Usually the problem is that once I find a size that fits in the cups, the fabric that should be supporting my breasts (where a band would be on a bra) is way too loose. And that means that my boobs slide down underneath the designated boob area. Not cute. At all.

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