Curvy Kate Thrill Me Review

Curvy Kate Thrill Me 30F

Curvy Kate Thrill Me 30F

Almost, man. Almost. I think Curvy Kate will be a great brand for me once I lock down the right size and/or style. I’m having a rough time with the Showgirl bras. You might remember that I reviewed the Tempt Me in a 30FF, and that had a too-wide gore, and maybe, possibly a too-large cup. I decided to try out the Thrill Me in a 30F. I went ahead on the smaller cup just in case part of the problem with the Tempt Me was in fact the cup size. Plus the measurements for the 30F seemed good. But I think maybe I should have stuck with FF, because I’m spilling out a bit. This could be an error in sizing on my part. Or it could be due to the seriously shallow cups. Seriously. If you don’t have shallow breasts, you should probably give this one a pass.

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