Wishlist Wednesday: Pink!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so I thought I’d continue my color-themed Wishlists with pink this week. Pink is a difficult color for me. I’m not anti-pink or anything, but I don’t own or wear much of it. Definitely not on my list of favorite colors. So this list was actually a little hard for me to put together, but I came up with four sets that belong to the pink family that I would actually enjoy wearing.

image from curvykate.com

image from curvykate.com

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Parfait by Affinitas Lola Review

Here it is, my second mutually selected Christmas present from the husband!


Parfait by Affinitas Lola balconet bra in 32F and hipster in Large. I really, really love the look of this set…but I am having some fit problems.
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In Which I Ramble About My Feelings

Hold on to your hats, here comes some honesty! And probably incorrect grammar. And maybe some spelling mistakes.

Yeah, I haven’t written a post in three weeks. I have three reviews to write.  I’ve missed several Wishlist Wednesdays and Something Else Sundays. I’ve barely glanced at Facebook or Pinterest lately. I’ve only read a handful of bra blog posts over the past few weeks; usually I read at least a handful a day. So what’s my problem?

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Wishlist Wednesday: Neutrals (and my problem with nude)

I mentioned in last week’s Wishlist Wednesday that while color can really bring out the beauty in a bra that isn’t always apparent in a beige, there are some beige bras that I really like the look of. Here are some of them!

image from freyalingerie.com

image from freyalingerie.com

One of my favorites is Freya’s Lacey Plunge Balcony bra in Cafe Latte. I don’t know if a non-molded plunge would work better for me than a molded one (which is “not well at all”) but I’m willing to try for polka dots. Lacey is available in 28 D-G, 30 D-K, 34-36 C-K, and 38 C-JJ. Matching brief and thong available in XS-XL, short available in 2XL. (UK sizing)

Where can I buy this?
Freya’s website shows the Lacey as part of their “Essentials” (i.e. neutral continuity line, generally), but several shopping sites are showing this model as discontinued. It is still available at FreshPair.

I’m here for the reviews!
Great reviews can be found at Bras and Body Image and Busts 4 Justice!
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Wishlist Wednesday: Purple!

Happy New Year! I’m super excited for 2014! Want to know one of the reasons why?

image from thelingeriejournal.com

image from thelingeriejournal.com

Because Affinitas/Parfait gave The Lingerie Journal a sneak peek of their AW14 line, and this beauty is in there! Purple Charlotte, you guys! I’m so buying that!

Purple is a funny color for me. I like purple, but I’m very, very picky about it. It’s not even a matter of liking some shades better than others, though I tend to prefer darker purples (but not always.) I don’t have an art or design background to draw from to explain myself articulately here, but I guess I need the color and design to work together in some mysterious way. For instance, Parfait’s Danielle (AW13) looks fairly similar to the upcoming Charlotte, colorwise, but it just doesn’t speak to me.


image from affinitasintimates.com

Again, it’s not the design; I rather like the “dusty rose” version of this set. And it’s not the color; this is a color I like and I know looks good on me. It’s something about the way that the color and the design work together that unfortunately falls flat for me.
So what purple bras do I like right now? Here’s three more of them, presented in no order and selected for reasons that I can’t really specify!
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